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Share Your Love

Wear the Greek Digital Ribbon

“Wear” the Greek ribbon on the desktop of your Apple Watch and/or iPhone in order to show your support to Greece and all the Greek people that are suffering from the Greek financial crisis. Let us remind the Greeks that they are not alone – Greeks need more love and support than they need money!

You can open and save the wallpaper of the Greek Ribbon in your device from the button below.

Grow Tourism in Greece

Contribute to a supporting project

Greece attracts more than 22.5 million people each year, contributing 18% to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Greece’s most important sector, tourism, has been hit hard by the global and national financial crisis. An important percentage of the country’s families are depending on the summer holiday period to make a living. However, the lack of modern, unified web promotion and tools to address the tourism demand is not helping. By modernising the quality of the offered touristic services via creating web platforms and innovative digital tools, a new generation of potential visitors can be targeted.

Greece has more than 160 inhabited islands with only 21 of them having an airport – this makes visitors from outside Greece struggling to visit some of Greece’s best beauties, as there is no single place currently that tourists can get the information they need for connecting flights and ferries. We are looking to build an online platform that will help tourists to find and book cost-effective and convenient trips to even the most remote Greek islands.

Please support our project to make it happen and help tourism in Greece to boost.

Greek Beauties

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